Step 2: Agricultural Crops Nutrients and Pesticides

Maximize the Dollars Spent on Nutrients and Pesticides


On this page you will learn how to use technology to efficiently provide nutrients to your crops and reduce pesticides on your regenerative agricultural practices. 

Plant testing maximizes your investment on nutrients

Advances in farming technology make it possible to measure the nutrition status of plants and soils. This has shown that a well-nourished and balanced plant can produce a healthy and balanced soil environment, not the other way around. Farmers are able to strategically focus resources to selectively choose the nutrients for plants to become optimally nourished to maximize health and resilience.

At Natural Ecosystem Restoration we work closely with John Kempf and Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA) to help farmers get the targeted nutrients they need to increase profits and reduce pesticide use.

AEA develops regenerative agriculture systems that increase crop performance and profitability.

They analyze your farm needs by evaluating soil nutrients, irrigation water quality, disease and insect presence, crop performance, and measured plant absorption of nutrients.

With knowledge from years of experience and SAP analysis, they precisely identify nutrient and microbial imbalances, the effectiveness of product applications and guide future recommendations.

AEA doesn’t guess. They measure everything. 

They use data to pinpoint the exact nutrients, microbial inoculants and biostimulants your crops can benefit from.

Recommendations are targeted to specific stages of crop development to produce the highest quality yields plants can support. Crops can be influenced for specific responses like fruit size, shape and firmness, and addressing the root cause of pest susceptibilities.

Adjustments are made to nutrition management to speed up or delay maturity, to reduce freezing susceptibility, and to shift plants towards reproductive or vegetative dominance.

Using specialty plant nutrition and biostimulant products, plant performance can be increased while improving soil biology at the same time.

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In conclusion, AEA delivers results in crop profitability by addressing the root causes of agricultural challenges with thorough and valuable information that improves nutrition and reduces pesticide use. 

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