Not all water is H2O. Research published by Dr. Gerald Pollack, from the BioEngineering Department at the University of Washington reveals a fourth phase of water with a molecular structure of H3O2 that acts like a battery, releasing energy to support healthy, vibrant crops. This research reveals the new phase of water, often referred to as structured, energized, EZ, hexagonal or fourth phase water. On this article you will learn how Energized or Structured Water in agriculture is the secret for a higher quality crop with 30% less water.

“If you’re using water of any kind you can’t afford for it not to be structured water.”

– Chad Wall 

What is Structured Water?

Structured water, H3O2, is the water of streams, springs and rain. It is vital and energetic with a negative charge. Structured water is liquid energy, exactly how mother nature intended water to be. Structured water is the water in fruits, vegetables and inside our cells. 

Energized water is not the water that comes through pumps and pipes. Man-made systems cause structured water to lose the negative charge that makes natural water so powerful. 

Water that runs through pipes comes out lifeless and compromised which explains why a sprinkle of rainwater is always so much more effective than water running through irrigation systems. Fortunately, breakthroughs in technology have made it possible for farmers to add structured water devices to their pivots to restore water’s charge right before water is applied to their crop. 

Why Structured Water Matters

Structured water is important to agriculture because it has the same energy and vitality as rainwater. Simple water vortex energizing devices attached to your irrigation system restore water’s negative charge making it more bioavailable to plants and soil microbes. With better water efficiency plant health improves and water bills are reduced. Farmers love structured water because the energy they seek for their crops is now available through their pivot instead of waiting for rain. 

How do Farmers Make More Money With Structured Water?

Energized or structured water in agriculture is powered by the efficiency of nature. It is bioavailable and easily assimilated. Field moisture sensor data reveals crops watered with structured water pivot irrigation systems have reduced water consumption of at least 10% and as much as 30%. Less water and less pumping mean lower bills and greater profits. 

Structured water also has a descaling effect. While the results of this will be proven in the coming decades as structured water irrigation systems meet the test of time, we can all agree less mineral build-up supports equipment longevity. Our 2019 field results show a 32% reduction of water and higher product quality.   

Structured Water Impacts Cellular Function 

The video below shows Live Blood Cell Analysis in two segments taken 48 hours apart. The first segment shows spontaneous cell death. The second segment shows the cells after they received structured water. The cells are shining with light and vitality. Notice in the first segment how cells on the screen simply disappear (die) while in the second segment that is no longer happening.

Aqua Energizer structured water devices to support a healthy life. Crops, cover crops, livestock, farming equipment are all part of ecosystems that can be restored and revitalized with simple technology available for $11 an acre. For more information about turning your pivot into a system that distributes energized water just like rain, visit: