Regenerative Agriculture Field Results


On this page you will have access to regenerative agriculture field and test results. You can also read experiences farmers like yourself are having on their crops by transitioning to a restorative approach.

There are now many small and large-scale crop farmers taking advantage of the benefits of Regenerative Agriculture. Farmers are experiencing bigger, higher quality harvests, stronger more resilient crops,  and increased profits by implementing Structured Water and Targeted Nutrients.

Regenerative Agriculture Test Results: 2020 Water Reduction in Side By Side Crops with the Same Water Source

2020 offered us an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of Aqua Energizers structured water devices in the most scientific way to date. Jeff Miller of Forefront Agronomy oversaw the trails. Using soil moisture probes Jeff evaluated crop water demand throughout the season. With this data, he was able to choose to water only when the crop needed it. The results were outstanding! On side by side crops with the same water source, the fields watered with Aqua Energizer Devices used 20% less water and earned 6% higher prices. The initial investment was just $11 per acre and a positive ROI was achieved in just one season.  

2020 Corn Results Without Aqua Energizers

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2020 Corn Results With Aqua Energizers

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2020 Cotton Results Without Aqua Energizers

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2020 Cotton Results With Aqua Energizers

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2020 Cotton Results Without Aqua Energizers

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2020 Cotton Results With Aqua Energizers

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For those who aren’t using soil moisture probes yet, we highly recommend getting in touch with Jeff Miller so you can have accurate and reliable data to help you water your crop more effectively. And for those who aren’t using structured water yet, contact Chad Wall from Natural Ecosystem Restoration. 

Regenerative Agriculture Field Results Testimonials

Natural Ecosystem Restoration Field Results Strawberries

After installing a Structured Water Unit in my Strawberry Greenhouse and working with my nutrients, the plants reached a whopping 19 inches in height, with each leaf measuring 5 inches across, and 10 inches across the triple leaf clusters. The strawberries were beautiful, red, and measured 2 inches in many cases. The strawberries also ripened a good 2 weeks before neighboring farms and greenhouses so I was able to take them to market early. I took a sample for testing to the USDA, as I had done each year. Normally, they would tell me what I needed to improve my soil for the next season’s crop. This year after they tested my strawberries, they came back to me and said the findings were, quote, “IMPOSSIBLE!”

Gary, Ohio

Headline: Germinate Seedlings in 37-50% less time Using the Tower Garden and Aqua Energizer Structured Water

Eye of RA, a traditional farmer of 3 years in Crawford, MS, recently became an aeroponic tower farmer through Juice Plus. Using germination trays, municipal water and sunlight it takes 10 days to reach the 1-2 inch growth necessary for transplanting rainbow chard into her Tower Garden. For bibb lettuce it takes 8 days. When RA began structuring her water with the Aqua Energizer Structured Water Device from The Wellness Enterprise she was able to achieve the same growth levels in 5 days for both rainbow chard and bibb lettuce. That is 37-50% less time to achieve the same amount of growth! Aqua Energizers structure water to produce strong, healthy plants with less resource consumption. Save water and nutrients while reducing pesticide use with Aqua Energizers. 

Regina, Mississippi

Last year our garden was absolutely the worst it’s been in years. This year however I used the Aqua Energizer and WOW, what a difference! I have never seen sweet corn that has looked as good as ours did. The cobs were huge! A number of plants were planted late, but they all caught up in growth in record time. The Structured Water has me sold. We planted some cabbage plants at least a month late and we now have wonderful heads of cabbage, the same with our tomato plants!

Sally, Wisconsin


These wheat samples were taken from fields in Kansas. The wheat on the left was planted two weeks earlier without structured water and no biologics. The sample on the right was planted two weeks later with structured water and biologics.  What a difference!

John, Kansas

2019 was a hard year for cotton fields in Texas due to tough weather conditions. By implementing Regenerative Agriculture practices, one of my clients was able to produce 1880 lbs of $.56 cotton. This is in line with above-average production, which is particularly impressive in a season that produced typical yields around 500lbs less than average, as well as many fields destroyed at harvest time due to no economic value in harvesting. This was done with 50 USD per acre investment in nutrient management and zero spent in chemical plant growth regulators. Additionally 11 USD per acre was invested in structured water applications that will not require any additional investment for at least four more seasons. The amount of water applied was reduced while producing some of the best yields in the farm’s history, even though it was a poor season.

Chad, Texas


That’s why I can tell you, without a doubt that transitioning to ecosystem restoration practice produces an in-season return on investment while building resilience for future seasons.

Chad Wall