Step 1: Structured Water for Agriculture

Hydrate Plants, Animals and Soil with Energized Water

I can tell you without a doubt we are going to make your water more effective and we are going to save you money by reducing the quantity of water that is required.

Chad Wall

Why Energized Water or Structured Water is a Must For Your Farm

Not all water is created equal. Look at your plants after a day of light rain and you’ll see amazing growth reflecting the energy that plants receive from rain water. Now compare those same plants as the rains dry up and your irrigation system is pressed into use. They don’t look the same, do they?
That’s because rain water reaches your plants straight from nature with energy and vitality. You might be able to raise a crop without optimal application of nutrients or pesticides, but if your plants are dehydrated you are most likely to end up turning them under. That’s because hydration is essential to your soil, microbiome and plants.

With climate change and unpredictable weather patterns, drought and storms, water availability has never been more in question. Fortunately new regenerative agricultural technologies allow you to have more control than ever over the water on your farm.

How to Measure Soil Moisture to Create Healthy Soils, Microbes and Plants

Recent adoption of soil moisture sensors and probes provide empirical data showing water efficiency can be improved to lower water and energy costs while meeting crop demand and increasing soil hydration markers. Further efficiencies come from equipping your irrigation system with structured water pivot devices for agriculture which increase the energy in your water so your crops receive rainfall like growth with an irrigation system!

Soil moisture measurements are still in their infancy and the data is encouraging. Farmers using structured water are now routinely reducing water use by 30% and seeing improved soil markers at the same time. Less water and healthier ecosystems are just two of the many benefits of using water that is energized just like rain.

Water Conservation Is A Global Opportunity. We can Help the Billion People Who Don’t Have Clean Water

Structured or Energized Water

Implementing energizing water devices on your farm and reducing water consumption by 30% is an individual action you can take that contributes to a solution for a global problem. Food demand is expected to rise by 50% by 2050 and water demand by 20-30%. As we adopt water saving devices and encourage others to do the same we collectively improve our operations while being part of the solution to a significant global issue.

In conclusion, farmers can earn a first year ROI with structured water for agriculture that hydrate soils, reduce nutrient and pesticide use and partner with Mother Nature to allow natural ecosystems to thrive.

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